Sluiskil 隧道 - 節省2500萬歐元

Sluiskil Tunnel crosses the canal from Gent to Terneuzen, in Zeeland, the Netherlands. After 4 years of construction, the tunnel was opened in May 2015. The project was a BAM-TBI joint venture to design, construct and maintain for 2 years.

Sluiskil Tunnel Overview
BAM uses SnagR at Sluiskil Tunnel to build two tunnel tubes of 1150 meter and connecting roads


  • Difficult to manage a large scale tunnel project in tight timeframe and within budget
  • With a large number of workers, it becomes more difficult to ensure safety on site
  • As the project involves 54 installation elements, it is hard to trace issues to ensure a smooth handover
Sluiskil Tunnel involves a lot of workers
Safety is always a priority for BAM


  • Monitor team performance effectively with SnagR’s ready-to-go analytics
  • Streamline the procedures on project management digitising issue captures and inspection documents
  • Automate communication by utilising SnagR’s instant notifications and subscription functions to involve all relevant parties in the process
SnagR's customised dashboards
SnagR customises dashboards to meet clients' different requirements


  • Achieved a significantly low accident rate at 4 with 1.2 million working hours
  • The project was delivered 5 weeks ahead of schedule without outstanding issues
  • The project was finished within budget at 25 Million Euros extra saving because of effective project management
Sluiskil Tunnel Birdview
鳥瞰 Sluiskil 隧道

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