Maxima Centrale - 成功之門

BAM uses SnagR for all kinds of construction projects as well as for facility management. One example is the maintenance of all the doors in the ‘Maxima Centrale’. SnagR is used to facilitate the documentation and performing maintenance of the approximately 300-350 doors in this facility.


  • A lot of (mostly undocumented) doors, both internal and external, on the Maxima Centrale terrain with different ironmongeries
  • Hard to communicate to service personnel which door to fix, where that door was located and what kind of door it was
  • Challenging to have the right ironmongery taken to the location


  • Assign a barcode sticker to each door to get its location instantly
  • Pre-fill basic information, including the ironmongery and photos, in the form for each door
  • Capture defects by the local facility management team on SnagR to arrange required maintenance immediately


  • Review information, such as its location, ironmongery and door type, of each door on SnagR simply by scanning the QR code during onsite inspection
  • Locate issues to a specific door easily by plotting them directly on the drawing
  • Reduce time for repair work as SnagR makes relevant information accessible anywhere, and the right ironmongery / materials can be taken to site

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