Company History


Founding SnagR

As an Architect, Graham Henderson, SnagR’s founder and CEO, was frustrated to have to carry piles of paper along with essential tools to construction sites. Not only was it inconvenient to plot findings on the drawing onsite, but he also found it torturous to manually notify different subcontractors for each of the defect after inspection. When digital technology rose and powerful handheld devices were readily available, Mr. Henderson saw the opportunity to revolutionise the way the construction industry worked. Also trained in computer programming, he stretched the limits of technology to develop a preliminary mobile application to enhance his work efficiency, which caught attention of his construction counterparts, and further became the conceptual prototype of SnagR. SnagR was officially established on 1st October 2008, with the first project launched with Kier Moss for Sidney Stringer Academy in Coventry, the UK. Since then, SnagR has grown from a sole programmer to a whole development team, from one project to over 5,000 projects worldwide, from the United Kingdom to establishing international offices across continents. With the belief that every project is unique, SnagR is designed to be highly customisable. Apart from construction and infrastructure, this generic software has also attracted industries such as facility management, manufacturing and shipbuilding over the years.

Going international

As the software matured, SnagR went on the UK Department for International Trade (formerly UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)), with the vision of bringing new technology to wherever it is needed. Having seen the success of the projects in the UK, clients from all over the world showed interest in SnagR. The first overseas project kicked off with Gammon Construction in 2010 for the construction project of the government building in Tamar, Hong Kong. The global presence of SnagR is rapidly growing. At present, we have handled over 5,000 projects across 50 countries.

Establishing international offices

The offices in Hong Kong and the Netherlands were opened in 2013, followed by Brazil (partnership with Indata) in 2014, Dubai, South Africa (partner with VDB Dynamics), Malaysia (partner with Asia Headlands) in 2015 and Singapore in early 2017. The newest office has been set up in Australia in March 2018. International offices make global support more efficient, and more localised services fitting clients’ language and regulatory requirements can be offered. Our client excellence specialists are industry experts in the region. Thorough understanding of the unique use cases of our clients is essential to design tailor-made solutions to each enterprise and project.

SnagR version 4.0

SnagR specialises in data capture, progress reporting and performance analysis. Streamlining current processes saves yourself from tedious tasks, and lets you focus on important work in the field. With our unique automated KPI dashboards, company-wide data can be summarised and analysed real time. We endlessly enhance our software to provide the best enterprise solutions. We are currently working on SnagR version 5.0 with the latest technology. Stay tunned!

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