Damen Shipyards New Build Division


  • Hard to track progress or monitor quality because ships are built worldwide while quality control is managed at the headquarters in the Netherlands
  • Prone to miss required permissions because different workflows are adopted in shipyards from different parts of the world
  • Tight production schedule means no tolerance on time lost in paperwork or communication lead time


  • Synchronise all data from shipyards with regional site offices as well as the head office in the Netherlands
  • Customise workflows on SnagR to automate the permission processes and communication among relevant departments and/or external companies
  • Share a standardised permissions set by all users using the company register
  • Draw analytics from each ship, each shipyard and the Group as a whole easily with SnagR’s built-in as well as customisable dashboards


  • Analyse data on all levels, capturing valuable insights in quality and processes worldwide without any extra paperwork efforts
  • Manage the standard and customised permission structures easily from the head office, unblocking information gap caused by geographical boundaries
  • Eliminate any chance of unfulfilling compliance by automating the required workflow within the communication process using SnagR’s system

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